We are committed to creating unique, waterfront communities that co-exist with their surrounding natural resources, and provide unprecedented access to water and nearby activities and amenities.


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The Sand Docks

Waterfront residential community

Environmentally Focused

Diverse lot selection with natural surroundings

Sunset at beach
Michigan Coastal Living

Built with waterfront access

Overhead view of beach

We take pride in being environmentally focused.

We're not interested in fitting as many homes in as possible. If fact, we purposefully leave lots empty to provide spacious community areas that honor the natural surroundings. We keep lots as large as possible to maintain an open natural environment.


We are dedicated to providing a relaxing yet vibrant coastal living experience

Each homesite is developed with access to our beautiful West Michigan lakeshore in mind – every home in each community is within steps of the water and in close proximity to parks and downtown centers, while carefully selected community amenities enhance the coastal lifestyle.